Bulletin Letter from August 28

Dear Friends,

It has been an amazingly busy 2 weeks welcoming new students and welcoming returning students back to campus.  The energy and commitment of our student leaders has been wonderful and hundreds of new students have made their way to our doors.  We are all getting to know Sr. Angelica and trying to establish the routines of the new year.  There will continue to be 1st meetings of this or that group or ministry for the next couple of weeks.  I want to say a special word of thanks to all who helped prepare food for last weekend’s festivities.  The tent on the lawn was a great addition to this year’s Welcome Weekend.  Having the ‘continental breakfast’ under the tent (instead of downstairs) meant that more people stuck around in fellowship than ever before.  The Sustaining Board Welcome Back BBQ and other events this week were not deterred by inclement weather and this week has been a great week.  I look forward to welcoming even more new faces this weekend.

Keep your eyes on the bulletin and your ears open at announcement time at Mass and check the website often to see exciting upcoming events.


Fr. Bart Hutcherson, OP

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