Bulletin Letter from September 18

Dear Friends,

With the beginning this week of Campus Renew Small Faith Sharing Groups, and Confirmation classes, and children’s Religious Education, the semester is fully under way.  I spent last weekend on Mount Lemmon with 55 university freshmen and a great team of sophomores for this year’s Freshman Retreat. It was a great weekend and we are blessed that these young men and women have found a Church home for themselves here at the Newman Center.  They reaffirmed for me what I have always known, that the Newman Center is a welcoming community that helps make their transition to college life a little easier. Our Freshman Retreat was 2-3 weeks earlier than usual (football schedules dictate the fall schedule) and it worked out nicely.  I was very proud of the sophomores on the team.  Last year’s freshman class was an amazing group of students, and we are blessed to have their considerable talents and energy at work among us.

I would like to extend a word of thanks and congratulations to all the members of our staff for the great beginning of this semester. Especially deserving of mention are David Mares and Sr. Angelica who have adjusted quickly to their new positions and are hard at work as though they have been on the staff for years.  With the arrival this week of Fr. Jacek Buda, OP, our staff is up to full complement.  It has been wonderful welcoming Fr. Jacek to the staff and to our Dominican Community.  He is a delightful man and we are enjoying his jovial presence among us. I know you will stretch out your hand of welcome to him as you do to all Dominicans.

I would like to help you be aware of some coming events. On the first Sunday of Advent this year, the Church in the United States will begin using the Third Edition of the Vatican 2 Roman Missal.  It will mean some significant changes to the translation of the Mass. We will be talking about the significance of those changes and the rationale behind them in four weeks leading up to the implementation of the new translation.  In addition to instructions that will happen during Masses in November, I will lead a four part presentation/discussion on the “Principles of Liturgy and the New Missal” on four consecutive Thursday evenings beginning October 27.  These will be open to anyone who would like to attend and, hopefully, will be informative in preparing for the coming changes. (one note – the changes we will experience in November are translation changes.  There is no change to the shape, structure, gestures, postures, etc.  Only words.  The changes to what YOU say in the Assemble are quite limited.  The changes to what I and other presiders say are much more extensive…)  More on Liturgy later.


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