Homily: September 4

Fr. Donald Bramble’s 10 Rules for Community/Communication & Communal Correction:

1.  Anything worth doing will take time!
2.  Shut up and listen more than you talk!
3.  Don’t demonize/demoralize the other.
4.  What will I wish I had said ten years from now?
5.  The role of witnesses is to increase the flow of information, not to justify one or the other plaintiff’s position!
6.  How much am I willing to change in order for you to succeed?
7.  Have I studied the problem carefully, or only read writers who agree with me?
8.  How well can I state the opposition’s viewpoint?
9.  Have I been respectful or arrogant?
10. What am I willing to suffer for this person? For how long?

The GOAL is not to win the argument but to grow in WISDOM, compassion and fidelity-to-Christ in His covenant community!

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