Bulletin Letter from November 27 by Fr. Donald Bramble, O.P.

First Sunday Advent 2011

As we begin this season of watchful- waiting in blessed hope, let us pray that God will give us hearts and lives that witness to hope. Hope is a virtue that is tested in our present world, obsessed as it is with fear and uncertainty, and the need to succeed.

Will I find a job when I finish university?
What career awaits me?
Will I find the woman or man of my dreams?
Will s/he be faithful to me?
Will my children love and respect me?
How much time will I need?
Will the economy continue to falter or worse?
Will we choke ourselves in pollution?
Will we fail?
Will I fail?

These and a host of other questions can so distract our minds that we lose sight of hope and Christ and the future! We settle for mere answers to specifics and lose focus on the long term questions that matter.

Our faith teaches us that we wait and we watch with confidence given by a gracious Father. The Lord has confidently given us a calling that will need our lifetime to accomplish. God will give us the grace, strength, time and power to accomplish what He needs to do in us and through us and with us!

Fear is useless!
What is needed is faith!
Failure need not frighten us!

– Fr. Donald, O.P.

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