Bulletin Letter from January 22

Dear Friends,

Last week I wrote of a number of upcoming opportunities for Adult Faith Formation that are being offered throughout this semester. There is a brochure available giving more details about all of them. This Thursday evening at 7 PM, I will begin a three-part discussion called “You Have A Right to What?” It will be focused on two very important contemporary social (moral) issues: “marriage equality” and “reproductive rights.” Here I intentionally use the titles by which these areas are referred to in public discussion today. I am going to approach both subjects from the standpoint of rights that claimed in our culture today. When someone claims a right, especially when it is a new right, the first question should be “Where did that right come from?” So, the first of the three sessions (Jan 26), we will look at the historical, philosophical and theological question: “Where do rights come from?” This session will be the foundation for the other two discussions and will cut to the heart of the matter in the Catholic understanding of the human person. The subsequent sessions will deal with the two broad issues: “Marriage Equality” (Feb 2) and “Reproductive Rights” (Feb 9). I expect and invite a lively discussion. We will get started at 7:00 and it is my goal to be finished by 8:30.

Be reminded elsewhere in the bulletin of other faith formation opportunities in the near future.

Over the holiday break, I was reflecting on the last semester and the many, many ministries offered by our parish. I became aware once again of what a great staff I have been blessed with! The Friars and Sisters, the lay ministry and support staff, all are hard-working and a joy to be around. We are also blessed with scores of volunteers who make our work easier. I am aware that I do not say often enough how appreciative I am of the hard work that goes into making this parish function and thrive. THANK YOU ALL for your commitment to excellence in our community. God bless you all as we move into yet another busy and productive semester.


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