Bulletin Letter from February 5

Dear Friends,

The Diocese has again asked us to do our fair share supporting the various ministries and departments through our contributions to the Annual Catholic Appeal. In the last couple of years there has been no adjustment made to the goal dictated by the Diocese for our parish, despite the fact that we have not achieved that goal since 2009. Last year, we came close and I appreciate your generosity. It reflects well on our little parish that we contribute well to Diocesan initiatives. Again, I encourage your generosity. The ministries funded by the ACA are vital to the life of the Church and we must all do our part to see that they are funded.

There are many great things happening in the Newman Community with regards to Adult Faith Formation. The number of people participating in our various offerings is the best in my memory. Keep watching the bulletin and listening to announcements to see other upcoming opportunities to learn and grow in Faith. I especially want to draw you attention to a video series called “Catholicism” that will run for 10 Tuesday evenings beginning on February 28. This series, produced and hosted by Fr. Robert Barron is billed as “a journey around the world and deep into faith.” Fr. Baron travels around the world examining the rich cultural heritage of Catholicism as a means of exploring the truth of the Faith. It is a very well-produced, rich presentation of the faith. Each video is about an hour long and will be accompanied by the opportunity for discussion. The series will make a great Lenten Commitment.


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