Bulletin Letter from March 18

Dear friends,

As Spring Break wraps up, we head into the late days of Lent. Holy Week and Easter will be here before you know it. I hope that your Lent is going well, a time of grace and growth. My recovery from surgery continues to go well. My first post-op follow up visit with the doctor was routine and he was encouraged that everything looks good. I will have three more follow up appointments in coming weeks to measure the outcome of the surgery. About mid-week I began feeling myself again and having something approximating my normal energy. Having never had general anesthesia before, I was not aware how it really knocks you out and has a hangover effect for several days. Again, I thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers.

As we approach Holy week and the end of Lent, I would like to encourage the entire parish to plan to participate in the wide variety of liturgical and other opportunities that will be offered through the parish. Our holiest season demands extra efforts on our part to celebrate and commemorate the events that brought about our salvation.


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