Bulletin Letter from March 25

Dear Friends,

I have been edified this semester by the number of people who are participating in the various faith-formation programs offered by our staff. Students attend ten weekly Campus Renew groups, there are four active reading groups going on, the “Catholicism” video series has been very well attended, and the two short series that I offered were both well-attended. Between RCIA and Confirmation, there are about a dozen people preparing for initiation during the Easter season. Faith Formation is an important part of our ongoing ministries here at Newman and it is good to see it going so well.

We are on the downhill side of Lent now and we will enter into our paschal observance with the beginning of Holy Week next Sunday. I hope to see a good turnout for all our celebrations and commemorations during the paschal cycle. If you have never attended our special morning prayers at 8:00 AM on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday, might I encourage you to do so. These special liturgies take 30-45 minutes and are a great way to join the Church around the world in prayer and to begin these special days with our hearts and minds turned to God.

This Thursday evening, we will celebrate the Lord’s forgiveness with our Lenten Penance Service. Join the community for a festive supper at 6:00 PM and stay for the celebration of the sacrament of Penance at 7:00 PM.


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