Bulletin Letter from April 15

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, when the staff met to “debrief” Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter, it was great! Sure, as always there are little things that could have been done better or more efficiently. But they were little things. On the whole, we were very pleased with everything. But most importantly, we were so grateful for the many people who participated in the various liturgies and activities of this very special time. The breadth and depth of involvement really represents the diversity of our community. For those of you who attended the 10:30 Mass on Easter Sunday – have no fear, we definitely got the message that we need to have at least 3 Masses on Easter Sunday morning. The challenge will be deciding a good schedule for those 3 Masses that will really relieve the over crowding that happened at 10:30 this year, takes into account the parking lot reality, and does not overtax the human resources of the parish. Suggestions are welcome.

Congratulations to Kelly Golden, David Rudolph, Josilyn Shi-Yun Tan, and Deanna Johnson who were initiated at the Easter Vigil. Welcome to the Church!

There was an unfortunate oversight at the Easter Vigil. Because of miscommunication, no collection was taken up. The Easter collection is one of those that really helps us keep afloat during the lean months coming. If you attended the Easter Vigil and would like to make an Easter offering, it would certainly be welcomed.

I went to Chandler on Wednesday and Thursday to celebrate the Wedding Mass of one of our Alum: Melissa Howell, who graduated in 2007. She married a wonderful young man named Brennen Ainsworth that she met through friends in Phoenix. It is a real honor to be invited to celebrate an Alumni wedding. That Melissa felt a special enough connection to the Newman Center that she invited me, is also a wonderful reflection on our community. What I see in this faithful young woman (and many others like her) are the results not only of the upbringing that she received from a faithful family, but also the continuing results of our ministry here at the University. It was a beautiful wedding; I had a great time being part of it; and I wish Melissa and Brennen much blessing and many happy years together.

Next weekend, Fr. Tom DeMan will be with us to celebrate his 50th anniversary of ordination. Fr. Tom was the Director of our Newman Center throughout most of the 80s. This time is seen as a sort of “Golden Age” for this Center and there are many fond memories of Tom and his ministry. He will celebrate the 11:15 Mass and a reception will follow. Please help us spread the word to those you know who were part of the center during Fr. Tom’s time.

We are in that strange post-Easter time when it feels like all is winding down to the end of the Semester. The reality is that this time of year is still filled with many activities and programs and business. Thanks for your energy and support helping to keep all the balls in the air and all the wheels turning as we move toward the summer. Happy Easter!


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