Letter from the Pastor – Sep. 2

Dear Friends,

Another academic year is off the ground at the University of Arizona and, as of this week, all of our student programming will be under way as well. I have been so moved by the response of the student community to EVERYTHING we have done this year: welcoming and social activities, faith formation opportunities, worship and prayer, outreach and justice. We are seeing record attendance and interest in all of the offerings of the Center. I want to encourage the permanent community to pay close attention to the bulletin, the announcements and our website for information about upcoming classes, discussions, etc. Know that these opportunities are open to the entire community and we would love to increase participation from the permanent community and more contact between the permanent community and the student community.

Football season begins this weekend and we are all hoping for a good season for our Arizona Wildcats. I want to remind those of you that go to the games that we have a tailgate party in front of the Newman Center every time there is a home game. The grilling of hamburgers and hotdogs begins about 4 hours before kickoff and we try to have everything put away about 1/2 before game time. We don’t charge for the food, but we welcome donations. We also have game day parking at the Newman Center. For just $10 you are just a short 2 blocks from the stadium. The proceeds from football parking go to the support of our student community activities and to help offset the cost of tailgating each week. Even at this point we still don’t know the start time of all the games this season. If you are a Saturday mass attender, just be aware that when kickoff is scheduled between 4 and 6, we tend to cancel the Saturday Vigil Mass on those days simply because the traffic at Mass time is prohibitive. We will keep you posted should this occur later in the season. In the meantime, blessings to football players who are part of the Newman Community and BEAR DOWN ARIZONA.

I will be saying much more about this in coming weeks, but I want to remind you that Pope Benedict has called for an extraordinary “Year of Faith” to observe the 50th anniversary of Vatican 2 and the 20th Anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The intent of the year is to call all Catholics to a greater conversion and for all of us to be a little more intentional about our growth in Faith. We will be offering a number of opportunities throughout the year in
connection with this observance and it will be the subject of much preaching throughout the years. In the meantime, you can read more about it at http://usccb.org/beliefs-andteachings/how-we-teach/new-evangelization/year-of-faith/.


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