Letter from the Pastor – February 3

Dear Friends,
This weekend we welcome this year’s Western Dominican Province Novices and their Novice Master, Fr. Anthony Rosevear. Each year, the men who are in their first year of Dominican Formation (the novitiate), travel together to visit various houses, priories, and ministries of the Province. It is part of their discernment process to see the “Province in Action” outside of the very rarefied atmosphere of the novitiate community. It is always a joy to welcome them. It is usually my first opportunity to meet the Novices and to get to know them. I am always happy for them to see the great things going on in our ministry here and to encourage them to consider campus ministry as a “career path” in the Order.

Please pray for these men and those in our student community. The continued service of our Province in the many ministries we serve throughout the West is dependent on men being attracted to our way of life and persevering the long years of formation to be ordained. It is a rewarding life, but it can also be a difficult one. If you or someone you know would like more information about a Dominican Friars’ Vocation, do not hesitate to speak to one of these young men in white or, at any time, talk to one of the friars on our staff.

Lent is rapidly approaching. Ash Wednesday is only about 10 days away. Are you ready?


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