Letter From the Pastor November 24

Dear Friends:

Throughout this month I have followed a little convention I noticed on Facebook for the last couple of years: taking time to post something you are thankful for on Facebook each day in November. It has been a great exercise for 2 reasons: It is good to realize how blessed you are and because gratitude is one of those virtues that only grows stronger by exercising it.

Most of my gratitude posts have been about people. I am sooooo incredibly blessed by good friends, great colleagues, wonderful parishioners, wise teachers, etc. The second biggest category has been faith-related things.  I am so grateful for the richness of our Catholic faith and take for granted the great blessings that come from living our faith.

I have become aware in recent years of how often I forget to express my gratitude.  I experience the gratitude, but neglect to say so. This comes from and reinforces a sense of entitlement and taking others for granted.  Gratitude must be exercised (expressed) and not just felt in order to grow.  We want to be people who are truly grateful and can express that to others.

As you gather with your family and/or friends for our national day of Thanksgiving this week, I hope that you do so with hearts filled with great love and gratitude. And that you take time to express your gratitude to others.

We will have Mass on Thursday morning at 9:00 AM. I hope to see as many of you who will be in Tucson at this communal celebration.


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