Pastor’s Corner – December 7, 2014

with Fr. James

“Gaudete!” “Rejoice!”

Why is one of the Advent candles pinkish rather than purple or violet? The third Sunday of Advent is traditionally called “Gaudete Sunday” after the first word of the entrance antiphon: “Gaudete in Domino semper.” These words come from Philippians 4:4, meaning “Rejoice in the Lord always!”

Guadete Sunday occurs roughly half-way through Advent. The rose-colored candle marks a sense of relief through our repentance and a subdued joy that the Feast of the Lord’s Nativity is nearer. Some parishes have a special set of rose-colored vestments for their priests and deacons to use on this day, as well as its counterpart, “Laudete Sunday” in Lent.

During the readings next Sunday, listen for how often the word “rejoice” appears.



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