This Week at Newman – January 29, 2017

7PM – Becoming Catholic: RCIA
9PM – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with live worship music

7PM – Gathering for New Music Ministers, vocal and instrumental

9:30PM – Bible Study

6PM – Bible Study

7PM – Free Movie Night, “Of Gods and Men” – discussion to follow the screening

10:30AM – Bible Study


Fr. John Paul’s Spiritual Brew:

Our readings this Sunday remind us to remember that though life can be filled with different joys and difficulties… that God cares and both affirms our situations and blesses them.  “Blessed are the poor spirit… Blessed are they who mourn.. Blessed are the meek..” God’s blessings and protection is over us.    Blessed are you when no mercy appears to be present… God sees our plight, and pours “blessing” into it, and helps us to stand and to find our way.      Matthew’s Gospel reminds us that God sees and recognizes the highs and  lows  of   his   people..    And,   that the promise of the prophets was not a
myth that would not be fulfilled, but is a fact that is realized in the person of Jesus Christ.  By virtue of our baptism into Christ Jesus.. we have been blessed and embraced whole and entire, and are invited to be encouraged by the friendship offered to us in Christ.
May this grace always be a source of blessings that guides us on our way.    “”Blessed are the clean of heart, the peacemakers, those who carry the weight of striving for righteousness, and all persecuted for living the example of Christ in their lives..   It’s not easy to allow our faith to become real, practiced, true, and enlivened…..But, when we do, God’s Kingdom is realized here on the earth, and
people benefit.  Let us “take courage” and not fear doing our part in allowing God’s blessing to heal and raise us up…   May we “Take courage, and be not afraid”


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