It takes the generosity of our faith community, alumni and parents of current students to continue the legacy of the Newman Center which began in 1926.  We have set a goal to be 100% sustainable through our regular Weekend Offertory by 2021 (the collection taken at Mass) but rely on donations and campaigns to help us with the upkeep of the church, priests’ residence and convent.  We invite you to pray about the level of support that you are willing to commit and become one of our financial supporters.  Know of our deep gratitude for your generosity.

To support us financially, there are several options:

1) Online Giving Program:  Text UACATHOLIC to 555888 on your mobile phone for a link or set up one-time or recurring donations via WeShare:

2) VenMo:  User name is @UACatholic

3) Fill out an EFT Form 2019-2020 that sets up a zero-fee transaction between your bank and ours (Chase), either one-time or recurring.

4)  Mail your donation via check or money order to:

St. Thomas More Newman Center
1615 E. 2nd St.
Tucson, AZ 85719

or 5) United Way of Southern Arizona: Pima County and City of Tucson ECAP Program ID:  #1208


  1. EFT or Online Giving allows you to be intentional in your support of the Newman Center.
  2. No check writing or using envelopes.
  3. The record of your donation shows up on your bank statement.
  4. You can change your amount easily at any time.


  1. It helps with financial planning and budget maintenance.
  2. Less paper handling.
  3. Ensures a pool of regular donations to help us carry out our mission
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