Young Adult Community

We are graduate students and young adults seeking relationship with God and each other to be transformed by Love and to conform our hearts to His.

What We Do

Host monthly social events to connect as a community and engage in small group faith sharing throughout the week. We also get together informally to go hiking, dancing, attend adoration, and celebrate masses as a group. Want more information? Join the Discord

Upcoming Events

Join us for No Litter November to celebrate our gratitude for God’s creation and active responsibility as stewards of the earth! To participate, collect trash and recyclables throughout the month of November and submit photos of yourself with the trash you collect. Official rules below!

  • We will measure the volume of trash using a standard grocery bag–photos must be of you with your grocery bags full of trash or recyclable materials
  • Trash/litter must be in its most compact form (can’t fill a bag with boxes that haven’t been broken down, etc.)
  • Bags must be full
  • Trash cannot be your personal trash; must be collected from public spaces such as streets, trails, or neighborhood walkways
  • Bags of recyclable materials are worth DOUBLE
  • Photographic evidence must be provided and emailed to by noon on December 1st
  • Prize will be awarded for the “trashiest” individual
  • Trashiest community (Resident, YA, or Undergrad) will receive bragging rights

Past Event Photos

Meet the Council of Leadership!

Lauren Cutler: Hi! I’m an atmospheric science graduate student here at the University of Arizona. I joined YAC in 2018 when I moved here to start graduate school. When I have free time I like to read and hang out with friends. I’m excited to connect with others and grow my faith! I like clouds. 
Andrew Cockrum: Hola! I’m a pre-med student at the University of Arizona, looking to pursue a career in nursing. I previously worked in media relations in Minor League Baseball for nine years after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from UofA. The Newman Center has always felt like a second home to me ever since I stepped on campus. Outside of school I enjoy hiking, working out, gardening, and cooking (especially making salsa!).
Kim Sommerkamp: Hiya! I’m a data scientist that works remotely for a company in Missouri. Want to go rock climbing, bouldering, east coast swing dancing, camping, backpacking, or even just for a hike? Let’s go!