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Upon launching of small groups during the Fall 2022 semester, expect a response and placement into a small group within 2 weeks of submitting interest (most attendees are contacted a week before Labor Day for the Fall semester). If you request a specific leader/leaders, please include it in the box at the bottom of the Google Form!

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a student, but I don’t attend the University of Arizona. Can I still come to small groups?

Yes! Small groups are open to students attending any institution of higher learning, whether online or in-person.

I’m a graduate student. Can I come? 

Torch Small Groups are intended for undergraduate students ages 17-23. Graduate students or students older than 23 are encouraged to join the Young Adult Community, which hosts its own version of small groups. You can find more information (including a discord invite link) here:

I’m not Catholic. Am I welcome?

Emphatically, YES! We welcome everyone, including those who aren’t Catholic. We hope that you’ll make new friends and learn more about our faith by coming.

I don’t know a lot about the Bible; will that make me stand out?

No, it won’t! A fair percentage of a given small group has little to no prior knowledge of the Bible.

How long are small groups / do I need my own Bible?

Small groups are typically 60-90 minutes long, meeting weekly. Bibles are provided!

Meet the Torch Team


What is the Torch Team?


The Torch Team exists to witness transformation through developing a friendship with Jesus and one another in small group communities. We seek to be personally transformed in Christ by supporting each other as small group leaders, then journeying with students on campus as we encounter the Spirit of Truth in Jesus.

By joining a small group with two of our leaders, you can meet great, like-minded people, read the Bible together as a community, learn about yourself and others, and more!

Join us once a week at one of the times below for faith-based discussions and community! We’d love to have you!

Torch Team Leaders