About the St. Albert Sessions

The St. Albert the Great program was originally inspired by a University of Arizona student who was dismayed with the way a few of his science professors were belittling religion and faith in their science classes. He wondered if this was true of all scientists? Of all professors? He brought this issue to one of the priests at the Catholic Newman Center and the St. Albert the Great Forum was born!

This semester we are launching a new format for the St. Albert’s Forum with more emphasis on questions and discussions of compelling interest to students. The sessions will be held on Thursday evenings during the school year, typically twice a month.

We will continue our tradition of formal talks, with at least two presentations each semester featuring local or visiting faculty and scientists. The other sessions will be devoted to informal and stimulating chat and discussion about questions and topics raised by U of A students or suggested by current issues of the day related to the intersection of science, faith and spirituality.

We also plan to have opportunities for prayer, socializing and snacks on occasion!

Our Mission

The St. Albert the Great Science, Faith & Spirituality Sessions offer a nexus for students, faculty, and other interested persons in the University of Arizona faith community to engage current issues where faith, science and spirituality share a common ground.

In this setting, persons of faith seek to deepen their understanding of the world and foster intellectual coherence between knowledge given by science and the understanding and wisdom given by faith.

St. Albert the Great

St Albert the Great was a scientist, philosopher, and  theologian of the thirteenth century.  An authority on the natural sciences, he gathered into his writings much of what  was known about the natural world in his day and reflected on that in the light of faith.  Through his own writings and especially as the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas, he greatly influenced not only the development of the natural sciences, but also the study of philosophy and theology.


Planning Board

If you would like more information on the St. Albert Sessions, contact any of the University of Arizona Planning Board members listed below.  We welcome your suggestions on topics and speakers for the program.

 Dr. Bill Stoeger, S.J.
Vatican Observatory Research Group
Steward Observatory

Dr. Thomas Lindell
Molecular & Cellular Biology

Dr. Chris Corbally, S.J.
Vatican Observatory Research Group
Steward Observatory

Dr. Katie Hirschboeck
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

 Dr. Victor J. Hruby
Regents Professor Emeritus

Dr. Larry Cronin
Practicing Psychiatrist
Newman Center Community

Fr. Bart Hutchinson, O. P.
Pastor & Director
St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center
ex officio

We are actively seeking student members of the Board!  INTERESTED?
Please contact: Fr. Bill Stoeger