Masks required effective 8/7

Note from Bishop Weisenburger: Dear Friends,I received the letter below, slightly edited for the writer’s privacy, froma concerned father who is also a medical doctor (pediatrician). Hismessage to me is about our current Covid 19 situation and his family. Ipass it along for your consideration: Dear Bishop: I am (an active Catholic and) father ofContinue reading “Masks required effective 8/7”

Updates from Fr. JP

Greetings Newman Community! I hope my note finds you well as we officially enter this first day of summer. Our semester has ended, and another class of students has graduated and is moving into a wider world! Even in this pandemic we have remained active at Newman! Masses, sacraments, appointments, and much that needs ourContinue reading “Updates from Fr. JP”

Latest Message from the Bishop 6/4/21

As of July 1, 2021, the general dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation for the general public will cease.  However, the dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation remains in place for those at serious medical risk. Serious medical risk refers primarily to those with a chronic health condition, those providing direct care for the vulnerably ill, or those with a compromised immune system or other health condition that leaves them unable to be vaccinated.   Read the fullContinue reading “Latest Message from the Bishop 6/4/21”

COVID-19 Protocol Changes Effective 5/22/21

The bishop has updated guidance based on CDC recommendations issued this past week: starting May 22nd/23rd, Newman will be designating the Saturday 5:15PM Vigil Mass as the COVID-19 Protocols liturgy with social distancing and masks still in effect. A reminder that masks will still be required at all of our liturgies for those not fullyContinue reading “COVID-19 Protocol Changes Effective 5/22/21”